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Hotel Lux is Covid-free
Hotel Lux is Covid-free

Good news in the city: after nine months, the Asl and Social Domus have freed the Hotel Lux in Via Piacenza in Alessandria from Covid patients, returning the Buoi Rossi Group's ownership to use the facility at the end of its contract.

The Hotel Lux had been requested, in agreement with the Prefecture, for self-sufficient or asymptomatic positive patients who could not be isolated at home for family or logistical reasons.

After a few days of absence of the patients, the hotel was sanitised by the Asl of Alessandria and declared once again accessible to the public.

Mauro Moro, general manager of I Due Buoi, comments: "We are pleased with this encouraging sign for our city regarding the progress of the virus, but we must not lower our guard. We have willingly made our facility available for the needs requested, and we are pleased that the emergency phase is over. We will now carry out a new sanitisation, we will take advantage of this closure to carry out some modernisation work, we will make some improvements and we will reopen to the public at the end of August".

The Hotel Lux is located in via Piacenza 72 in Alessandria; 0131/445041 -

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